Acorns Is A Micro-Investment App That Does All The Thinking For You


Investing for the future can be hard for a twenty-something. With restrictions like minimum account balances and commission fees that make it uneconomical to invest a few hundred bucks at a time, investing can almost feel impossible.

Until today. Acorns is officially launching on the App Store to help anyone invest right from their smartphone.

Acorns works by letting you connect your credit or debit cards (with a simple sign-up using your online bank credentials), and automatically rounds up the change from every purchase to add to your investment portfolio. You can choose between five different risk options, from aggressive to conservative, and watch how your investments are performing over time.

At any time, you can make a deposit into your investment account and/or switch around the risk profile of your portfolio to be more or less aggressive. All of the five different portfolios are compiled by a team of…

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