The future of Reading

The future of Reading

Reading will be experienced in a completely new way with the ‘wearable book’ that creates physical sensations based on what’s written in a book. Born out of MIT labs from a project called Sensory Fiction, the reader wears a vest that uses effects such as ambient lighting, vibration, temperature and compression to be representative of the setting in the book.

Pre-programmed responses are set off by sensors once the reader is on the right page. For instance if a character in the book is in the love, the vest might vibrate to increase the reader’s heart rate. Similarly, if a character is feeling cold, the vest will work on lowering the reader’s skin temperature. While this is not a product that’s going to be market ready for a while, looks like the hobby of reading will be taken to an all new level once it does ‪#‎FutureBet‬


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