A Modest Proposal


A Modest Proposal   (for p reventing anonymity startups from being a burthen to us, and for making them beneficial to us)

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” And all seem to be doing it about the new class of apps that rest on the premise of anonymity and/or ephemerality.

The most recent in this breed, two-week old Secret, is already ensconced in the home screen of what seems to be every iPhone in Silicon Valley’s social circles, thereby provoking the knee-jerk reaction from naysayers arguing that it harbors that all-too-familiar addictive quality we also find in trashy magazines, reality TV shows and fast food. Their bottom line is that this app, which allows users to anonymously post secrets, is a flash-in-the-pan that can make us feel bad about ourselves and therefore will likely die a quick death like many addictive apps before…

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