More AI for developers as Expect Labs releases the MindMeld API

AI’s will have a huge role to play in near future ,especially in India, not just for the consumers but for the entrepreneurs as well.


Expect Labs , makers of the MindMeld app for dynamically suggesting content in response to the topics in a spoken conversation, is opening its artificial intelligence engine to the world via the new MindMeld API. It’s the latest example of just how powerful APIs are becoming and offers yet another glimpse into how intelligent we will expect applications to be in the years to come.

The key to the MindMeld API is its ability (well, the ability of the system behind it) to account for context. The API will index and make a knowledge graph from a website, database or content collection, but then it also collects contextual clues from an application’s users about where they are, what they’re doing or what they’re typing, for example. It’s that context that lets the API decide which search results to display or content to recommend, and when.

And although speech recognition was…

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The future of Reading

The future of Reading

Reading will be experienced in a completely new way with the ‘wearable book’ that creates physical sensations based on what’s written in a book. Born out of MIT labs from a project called Sensory Fiction, the reader wears a vest that uses effects such as ambient lighting, vibration, temperature and compression to be representative of the setting in the book.

Pre-programmed responses are set off by sensors once the reader is on the right page. For instance if a character in the book is in the love, the vest might vibrate to increase the reader’s heart rate. Similarly, if a character is feeling cold, the vest will work on lowering the reader’s skin temperature. While this is not a product that’s going to be market ready for a while, looks like the hobby of reading will be taken to an all new level once it does ‪#‎FutureBet‬